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24: Live Another Day – Episode 11 Recap (EP 16)

In the wake of a terrific episode eleven of 24: Live Another Day, Ty,
Drew, and Badway discuss all of the angles and have all the answers to your burning questions about the upcoming season finale. Will Boudreau redeem himself? Will Audrey and Jack have the opportunity to act on their burgeoning emotions? Will President Heller survive the night? Erik Ritter surely doesn’t have the answers, but Bauer Hour does! The guys also have a spirited discussion regarding Mark Boudreau’s ethos, the impact of Cheng as a recurring super-villain, and the future of the series as a whole.

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The Jack Bauer Alias Generator

Jack Bauer has had many aliases over the years to conceal his true identity while performing clandestine operations. To his credit, he even landed Diane Huxley while under the assumed title of Frank Flynn. This is why he’s our hero.

Now, you can also create your very own, remotely-cartoonish alias just like Jack. We’re proud to introduce The Jack Bauer Alias Generator to the interwebs. Feel free to post your favorite (generated) names in the comments and share with friends.

None of these generated names is worse than “Ron Fairbanks”, we promise.

LINK: The Jack Bauer Alias Generator