24: Live Another Day Episode 7 Recap (EP 12)

Coming at you faster than a speeding Chrysler 200, episode 7 of 24:
Live Another Day was all killer, no filler! Ty, Drew, and Badway break
it all down including Margot’s bombing of a hospital, Jack out-running drone missiles, and President Heller’s possible surrender to the enemy. Other topics include the origin of terrorist family henchmen, Kate’s soft touch with child victims, and techie Jordan’s heroic work in the field. They also speculate on the ramifications of Cross’ Quadruple-cross.

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One thought on “24: Live Another Day Episode 7 Recap (EP 12)”

  1. I Have a theory about next episode- Jack gets Heller out to go to the meeting, and Kate’s job is to get the location out of Simone (however you spell it) she has to torture Simone to get the location and jack has to rush to get to Margo and stop them from killing heller. Heller is just kind of stalling basically. I think maybe heller could die and the plan doesn’t go perfectly. Who knows

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