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March Badness: Foreign (EP 03)

In the spirit of March Madness, Ty, Drew and Badway present “March Badness”, the definitive bracket on foreign and domestic villains within 24. Listen in as the guys debate Habib Marwan’s managerial style while posing as “Harris Barnes”, Syed Ali’s cyanide tooth, the stats on the back of Abu Fayed’s baseball card, and whether General Chang Zhi was really a villain at all. Plus, a breakdown of the most recent teaser, a brief walkthrough of Drew’s latest 24-related purchase, and an astounding math discovery with the release date of Live Another Day.

 Check out the bracket, fill your own out, and share it with us here

The Bauer Hour Presents: March Badness 2014 (Foreign)
The Bauer Hour Presents: March Badness 2014 (Foreign)

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