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24: Live Another Day – Episode 4 Recap (EP 09)

Recapping a very eventful episode four of 24: Live Another Day, Ty, Drew, and Badway discuss President Heller’s triumphant speech in front of Parliament, Audrey’s feelings upon hearing her long lost love has returned, as well as Mark Boudreau’s pathetic attempts to acquire companionship. The guys also break down the evil that is brewing within Margot Al-Harazi and wonder how hard it could possibly be to pilot the drones. Badway goes on a tirade regarding “know-it-all” Kate Morgan and the irrelevant Erik Ritter.

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One thought on “24: Live Another Day – Episode 4 Recap (EP 09)”

  1. 2 things (That I might’ve missed you guys discuss.)
    1. Did any of you notice that when Jack accesses the computer in the comms room, the (fake) IP address is 2.71828281 which is the numerical value of e (Yeah, super math nerd here)
    2. Where does “Because I shot the bullets” rank on Jack’s super bad-ass one-liners. Because it’s pretty high for me.

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