March Badness 2014: Domestic

March Badness: Domestic (EP 04)

In the second half or our “March Badness” special, Ty, Drew, and Badway present the Domestic half of the bracket. Listen in as the guys discuss Charles Logan’s ineptitude, whether Christopher Walken could’ve played Phillip Bauer, and Ira Gaines’ secret hangout.  Plus, a discussion about Starkwood’s relationship to Haliburton, RoboCop’s Pittsburgh roots,  and questionable seeding decisions by Badway. Find out who moves on to face Habib Marwan (Foreign Bracket Champion) in the ultimate 24 “March Badness” Championship round.

Check out the bracket, fill your own out, and share it with us here

The Bauer Hour Presents: March Badness 2014 (Domestic)
The Bauer Hour Presents: March Badness 2014 (Domestic)

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